The most ridiculously adorable fanboy ever Mark Gatiss, attending the Sherlock Holmes exhibition launch party at the Museum of London [x]

Ian McKellen, photographed in his flat in London (1969)

Martin Freeman, behind the scenes of Fargo

Martin Freeman, on the set of Fargo

moriartys--fairytale said: Hello darling, I was wondering if you'd mind me using your gif of Mark presenting Andrew with his Attitude award, where they have a kiss and a hug, as my header on my mobile view of my blog? I'll credit you, of course? xx

Hello! :D Of course you can! Please feel free to use it. :)

lovelurpaks said: Just posted a photo for you ;3

(*con’t screaming my lungs off: gaaaahhhh!!*) Oh you awesome sweet mind-reader, I was just thinking about him. That adorable old boy. XD

Mark Gatiss, presenting the Attitude Style & Culture award to Andrew Scott — October 13, 2014 [x]

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Happy 48th Birthday, Mark Gatiss! — 17th October, 1966


Mark Gatiss, arriving at the Attitude Awards — October 13, 2014

Mark Gatiss, arriving at the Attitude Awards — October 13, 2014

fandoms-and-tea said: Hello :) In response to your reply (sorry I'm new to tumblr I don't know what I'm doing half the time so I think this is how you reply) it was such an awesome night did you go and watch it or did you just go to stage door? Thanks for being awesome too :D

Hi! :) No worries, any way you want to reply is quite all right with me. (And welcome to tumblr!) Yes, I saw the performance then I waited at the stage door afterwards. :D