Mark Gatiss ⇒ favorite photos: 3/100

Mark Gatiss ⇒ favorite photos: 3/100

"Meeting George was fairly extraordinary. It changed my life. He befriended me, we became great pals. We stayed up all night, we talked about everything. He made very deep male friendships almost instantaneously and that’s kind of rare. Boys don’t make such deep [friendship], they talk about other things, sport or whatever… But George, he would be immediately in tune to how you’re feeling, your life, when you’re going to die, what you’re going to do, you know. He would get right into the real questions of life and share his experiences, and he was extremely loving." — Eric Idle

Photograph’ by Ringo Starr

lagowithablackberry said: Happy birthday, babe. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Thank you my lovely! :)

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Mark Gatiss ⇒ favorite photos: 2/100

Mark Gatiss ⇒ favorite photos: 2/100